How To Tie A Sheet Bend

How To Tie A Sheet Bend.

The sheet bend is used to connect two lines of different thickness together. It can be tied and untied quickly. The sheet bend can be used with the same diameter rope as well.


How To Tie A Sheet Bend

How to tie a sheet bend.
Form a bite with the bigger line. Insert the smaller diameter line under and over the thicker line. 2. Make a turn with the smaller diameter line around behind the bite. 3. The smaller diameter line then goes around over the thicker line and under itself forming a loop. (Making sure the working end is on the same side as the bigger line working end.) 4. Dress the bend and tighten.


Bushcraft tie sheet bend
The sheet bend can be used to attach to a tarp with no tie out points or grommets (Or use a button stone. See the, how to tie a clove hitch article.) It can also be used to attach an improvised hammock, like a bed sheet or tarp hammock. The use of the double sheet bend would be more secure though.

Ensure the working ends or tag ends should be on the same side when the knot is finished.

The sheet bend may also be known as the becket bend, weaver’s hitch and weaver’s knot.

Learning to tie the sheet bend is another good knot to learn for bushcraft, survival and the outdoors.




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