Fire Making Book Review

Fire Making - The Forgotten Art Of Conjuring Flame With Spark, Tinder And Skill. By Daniel Hume. Book Review. I first heard about Daniel Hume’s book, from Paul Kirtley’s podcast. (The podcast is highly recommended for anyone interested in bushcraft and the outdoors.) Paul interviewed Daniel about his interest in bushcraft and his quest for learning primitive fire…

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Primitive Technology Book Review

Book Review - Primitive Technology. A Survivalist’s Guide To Building Tools, Shelters & More In The Wild, By John Plant. John Plant has a huge following on YouTube with his channel called Primitive Technology. John makes primitive tools and shelters in the wilderness. He doesn’t speak on the videos and there is no narration. The videos and the…

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Best Bushcraft and Survival Books

Best Bushcraft and Survival Books.Here is my pick of the best bushcraft and survival skills books. But before we dive into the list, I want to go over my criteria for why the books are included on the list. The books have to cover some main categories. (There are one or two exceptions.) With at least a couple…

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The Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants

Bushcraft Book Review - The Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants. Department of the ArmyBefore we start the book review of, The Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants, I am not an expert on edible plants by any means. Always triple check your information and never eat anything that you can’t 100 percent identify. I have played around…

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