Elf On The Shelf Bushcraft & Survival

Elf On The Shelf, Bushcraft & Survival. Elf on the Shelf enjoys going into the wilderness. Sometimes he will test out his bushcraft and survival skills. Let’s check out what Elf is up to, leading up to Christmas over twenty five days. Hopefully he won’t be too naughty. Day 1. Elf on the Shelf is climbing a tree,…

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Bushcraft & Survival Memes

Bushcraft & Survival Memes Sometimes in the bushcraft, survival and outdoors field, we take ourselves a bit too serious. Latest custom knives, survival kits, BOB (Bug Out Bag.) and a survive anywhere attitude. At times we need to lighten up and have a laugh at ourselves, ............ or others, so here is something a bit lighter, - bushcraft…

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