How To Tie A Double Sheet Bend

The double sheet bend is used to connect two lines together and normally used to connect two ropes of unequal thickness. It is another handy knot to know for bushcraft, survival and the outdoors.

A double sheet bend is a more secure knot then the sheet bend.


How To Tie A Double Sheet Bend

How to tie a double sheet bend.

1. Thread the thinner line underneath through the bite of the thicker line. The thinner line then goes around and underneath the bite of the thicker line. 2. Insert the working end of the thinner line under itself forming a loop. 3. Come around the bite again and insert the thinner line under itself again. Ensure the second turn is closer to the standing end of the thinner line. 4. Dress the knot and tighten.

The tag or working ends of the thicker and smaller diameter line should be both be on the same side as each other when the knot is finished.

The thicker diameter rope should be used for the bite.

For more details and tips that might assist in tying the double sheet bend, visit the article on how to tie a sheet bend.

Tie double sheet bend

The double sheet bend can also be used to help secure a makeshift hammock. By tying the ends of a tarp, poncho or blanket and securing it to a tree or structure.

A double sheet bend is also called the double becket bend.



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