How to modify a Bic lighter

How to modify a Bic lighter for bushcraft and survival use. I enjoy playing around with the flint and steel and various methods of friction fire, but the Bic lighter provides instant flame. (Most times, so also have back up fire lighting tools.)  While it can be susceptible to the cold and wet, it is a handy survival…

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TBS Fatboy Firesteel Review

TBS Fatboy Ferro Rod - Review The TBS Fatboy Firesteel (Ferrocerium rod.) is solid ferro rod at ½ inch (12.5mm) in diameter and 4” (101 mm) long, including the handle. It comes from TBS Outdoor, the makers of TBS knives. Out of the bag, the first sparks. Okay, I admit I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait to…

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