Best YouTube Survival Videos

Best YouTube Survival Video
I recently wrote an article on my pick of best bushcraft and survival books. Which if you had these books, or more accurately, some knowledge gained from these books, combined with a correct mindset and a basic survival kit, would help your chances in a survival situation. (Both short term and long term.) So along with a similar line of thinking, here is my pick for the best YouTube videos that could help increase your odds in a real survival situation.

Now, there are a heap of other good survival YouTube videos, however these three will cover a lot of information and are practical with a wealth of experience.

These videos are based more on short term, survive until rescued theme. (With the exception of Mor’s video, which can help expand the mindset before venturing out into the woods. His video is more bushcraft and some long term wilderness survival in it as well.)

I will do a list on the top bushcraft, long term wilderness and primitive videos in the future.

The top short term survival videos.

Outdoor Survival, by Peter Kummerfeldt. (Produced by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.) Peter is also the author of Surviving a Wilderness Emergency. (An excellent survival book by the way.)


This video below is a bit old, but well worth watching. It is by John “Lofty” Wiseman, who is the author of the best-selling, SAS Survival Handbook.


Mors Kochanski from Karamat Wilderness Ways is a  survival instructor. Mors is author of multiple books like Bushcraft, and Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival Handbook. He is know for saying, “The more you know the less you carry.”


Combine some of the above skills, mindset, common sense with basic survival tools, which can help you in a real wilderness survival situation. For hikers, fisherman, hunters and campers, these no nonsense videos, are full of good information. These videos are possible some of the best YouTube survival videos out there.



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