Best YouTube Bushcraft & Survival Videos

A little while ago I wrote an article about the Best YouTube Survival Videos, which was based on short term survival videos. More of a wilderness emergency and survive until a rescue type scenario. In this article, it is my pick of the best YouTube bushcraft and survival videos. Which has some YouTubers with a mix of bushcraft, woodsman, wilderness living and primitive skills channels blended in.

In no particular order here is my selection:

Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft And Survival and his wife Connie, have some good practical videos. Presented in a laid back manner, the fire lighting videos in the Alaskan cold climates are just some great information he shares.

The Grey Bearded Green Beret.

Joshua Enyart presents some quality videos. From bushcraft to survival, with some tactical videos mixed in, The Grey Bearded Green Beret is well worth watching.

Karamat Wilderness Ways.

Mors Kochanski from has some thoughtful serious knowledge to share with his long time love of bushcraft and wilderness skills. He is the author of the best-selling book like Bushcraft. Every time you watch Mor’s videos you pick up something knew.

MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life

MCQ Bushcraft is very easy to watch and informative. Michael McQuilton creates very professional outdoor videos and comes across on the screen as a friend.

Blackie Thomas

Another good YouTuber who is entertaining to watch. Blackie has lots of bushcraft tips and tricks for the wilderness.

Black Hat Bushcraft.

Matt Mercer has a friendly on screen presence with some good down to earth information on bushcraft. Check out Matt at

Primitive Technology.

John Plant from Primitive Technology has a huge following. He makes some great primitive tools and long term shelters. I can’t wait for John’s new book, also called, “Primitive Technology, A Survivalist’s Guide To Building Tools, Shelters And More In The Wild.”

Update – See my book review of Primitive Technology.


Bob Hansler.

Wilderness skills and bushcraft in the wilds of Texas. Be sure to watch Bob’s video; Survival Fishing Catch & Cook, Primitive Gorge Hook.

Bushcraft Survival Australia.

Gordon Dedman from Buschcraft Survival Australia, has some great videos. While Gordon doesn’t post often, his videos have quality education and are good down to earth.

Paul Kirtley.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge and produces some good no nonsense videos. (Paul’s podcast is well worth listening to as well.)

Corporals Corner.

Shawn Kelly from Corporals Corner shares some good bushcraft gear reviews and knowledge. Since watching a few of Shawn’s videos, I can’t help but saying “Good to go”.


For jungle survival and tips on YouTube, it is hard to go past JungleCrafty. I don’t think Paul from JungleCrafty doesn’t post any videos now though. The machete / parang reviews are worth viewing for the finer points on the parang design.

Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen.

Traditional bushcraft and beautiful scenery from Denmark. The videos are very relaxing to watch and you sometimes feel like you are sitting beside the camp fire there. Like Primitive technology video’s, there is no talking.

David Canterbury.

David Canterbury from the Pathfinder School, produces a heap of quality videos. He has a huge amount of bushcraft, product reviews and survival videos on his channel.  With well over 1,300 videos on YouTube.

Tom McElroy – Wild Survival.

While he doesn’t post a lot on YouTube, the content is informative. Make sure you check out Tom’s video on, Solo Survival- How to Survive Alone in the Desert (Sonoran Desert).

Other good bushcraft channels.

Other bushcraft and survival videos that are worth checking out are; Coalcracker Bushcraft, Justin from GreirWolf and SnowWalker13, to name a few.  Zachary Fowler the winner of History Channels, “Alone” season 3 is entertaining to watch, with some humor mixed in as well.



I’m sure in the future I will change or ad to the best YouTube bushcraft and survival videos. As more bushcraft and woodsman channels come along. I hope you enjoyed my choice of the top bushcraft and survival channels out there.




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