How To Tie A Figure Of Eight Knot

How To Tie A Figure Of Eight Knot.

The figure of eight knot and it’s variations of the knot, is popular for rock climbers. However it is also useful for bushcraft, camping and survival. It can be used for a stopper knot and prevent the rope or cord from slipping through or out.

The knot is also easy to tie. It is also easy to check if tied properly, as it should look like the number “8”.

A figure of eight knot is also more easily undone than the overhand knot. The figure of eight knot is also known as the Flemish knot and figure 8 knot.

How To Tie A Figure of Eight Knot
How To Tie A Figure of Eight Knot.

1. Place the working end over to make a loop. 2. Wrap the working end around and behind the loop. 3. Pass the working end over and through the loop. 4. Tighten both ends. The finished knot should resemble a number “8” like below.

tie figure eight knot

(The difference between the figure of eight knot and the overhand knot is; In the figure of eight knot, the working free end passes back behind the loop, before it goes through the loop. While the overhand knot, it simply goes around and through the loop.)

Figure 8 loop, figure eight bend knot

Above picture: Other figure eight knots, are the figure eight loop (Bottom.) and figure eight bend, joining two ropes, (Top.) to name a few




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