How To Tie A Timber Hitch

The timber hitch is used for attaching a rope to a pole, or structure. One of its early uses, was to help it move logs, hence its name. A timber hitch is quick and easy to tie and untie, even after a heavy load. It is a good knot, or hitch to learn for bushcraft and survival use.

The timber hitch can be used with natural cordage as well.


How to tie a timber hitch

How to tie a timber hitch

1. Place the rope behind the pole. 2. Wrap the working end (Tag end.) behind the standing end. 3. Wrap the working end around the standing end and then back on itself. 4. Wrap three to five times around. 5. Dress the hitch and pull it tight.

For heavier loads, I will wrap the hitch five or more times.


Bushcraft timber hitch uses

I normally use the timber hitch to start a lashing for making tripods, shelters and debris shelters. (Most times I end the lashing with a clove hitch.)


how to tie a timber hitch with half hitch

For moving logs, a half hitch or two, can be tied additionally to help control the load when pulling.

The timber hitch is also known as the bower’s knot as it was used to attach the longbow string (Archery bow.) to the bottom limb tip.




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