How To Tie A Square Knot

Another well-known knot that is handy to know for bushcraft and camping is the square knot. Which is used for joining two ropes to each other. The square knot is also called the reef knot.

Use similar diameter cordage for the knot. (For different size rope, use a sheet bend knot instead.) The square knot is only for light duty jobs. Do not use this knot for heavy loads, as it can slip.

How To Tie A Square Knot

How To Tie A Square Knot.

1. Take the rope on the right (Red.) and cross over the left (Blue.) rope. 2. Twist the right rope (Red.) around the left. (Blue.) 3. Now cross the rope in the left hand (Red.) over the right. (Blue.) 4. Twist the left rope (Red.) around and place end through loop. 5. Pull the ends tight.

Another way and probably a simpler way to learn it, is from an old saying, “Right over left, left over right.”

I use a term to teach my kids, which is similar to the saying, but has a twist, (Pun intended.) “Right over left, twist, then left over right, twist.”

Bushcraft how to tie a square knot

When you have tied the knot, ensure the tag ends are both on the same side. As in above image. (If not, you may have a thief knot.)

Other names for the knot are: Reef Knot and Hercules Knot.




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