Elf On The Shelf Bushcraft & Survival

Elf on the Shelf enjoys going into the wilderness. Sometimes he will test out his bushcraft and survival skills. Let’s check out what Elf is up to, leading up to Christmas over twenty five days. Hopefully he won’t be too naughty.

Elf on the shelf Day 1Day 1. Elf on the Shelf is climbing a tree, looking for some wood grub holes. Wood grubs, yummy.


Elf on the shelf with Mora Garberg knife knife Day 2. The Mora Garberg knife is getting checked out by Elf. He looks like he is going to be mischievous, ready to cut some back pack, straps.


Elf on the shelf with ferro rod for firelightingDay 3. Elfie is going to light a fire with a ferrocerium rod and some cattails for tinder.


Elf on the Shelf with hatchetDay 4. Here Elf is about to chop some wood with the hatchet.


Elf on the Shelf drinking bush teaDay 5. Sipping some bush tea, with the Pathfinder cup.


Elf on the Shelf on bush toiletDay 6. All the bushcraft and survival work, can get your bowels moving. When you have to go, Elf has to go.


Elf on the Shelf with Old Timer Bowie KnifeDay 7. Elf on the Shelf, plays with the Schrade Old Timer Bowie knife. Hope he is going to be nice.


Elf on the Shelf carving wood batonDay 8. Elfie carving a wood baton with a tomahawk.


Elf on the Shelf with compassDay 9. Elf on the Shelf is getting a bearing on his compass, to do some navigation.


Elf on the Shelf with Bacho Laplander sawDay 10. Sawing some dead standing firewood with the Bacho Laplander folding saw. Elfie placed some fluro orange tape on the saw, so when he puts the saw down, it is easy to see.


Elf on the Shelf digging for water survivalDay 11. Elf is digging for water in a dry creek bed. It was the low part of the creek bed and had kangaroo diggings. Possible indicating the kangaroos digging for water.


Elf on the Shelf Day 12Day 12. Elfie is trying not to move, while a young friend is excited to spot him hiding in a tree.


Campcraft Outdoors haversackDay 13. Here Elf on the Shelf is being naughty and going through someone’s bushcraft kit in a Campcraft Outdoors Haversack.


Elf on the Shelf Frontier TomahawkDay 14. Elf on the Shelf is cutting some firewood with the Frontier Tomahawk.


Elf on the Shelf reading Primitive Technology book.Day 15. Elfie is reading the Primitive Technology book with his lantern.


Elf on the Shelf campingDay 16. No survival stuff today, just some relaxing camping for Elf on the Shelf.


Elf on the Shelf bushcraft & survival kitDay 17. Above photo, Elf is checking his layered bushcraft and survival kit.


Elf on the Shelf with flint & steel kitDay 18. Elfie getting his flint and steel out of his char tin.


Elf on the Shelf in backpackDay 19. Elf on the Shelf is being naughty again, this time he is secretly getting a ride in a hikers backpack.


Elf on the Shelf is making friction fire.Day 20. Here Elfie is practicing his bushcraft skills. Using the bow drill and hand drill, to try and make a friction fire.


Elf on the Shelf collecting wild ediblesDay 21. Elf is collecting some wild edibles for lunch with his Bowie knife, like these thistles.


elf-on the shelf-primitive tools hand-axeDay 22. Elf on the Shelf is about to make some survival tools, like a primitive hand axe.


Elf on the Shelf bushcraft knotsDay 23. Here Elfie is playing around with some rope, trying to tie some knots, but he gets tangled up. (Hope he can free himself before Christmas.)


Elf Shelf Primitive ToolsDay 24. Primitive tools and gorge fishing hooks are being carved out of bone by Elf.


Elf on the shelf bushcraft booksDay 25. Elf on the Shelf is unwrapping his presents. It looks like some great bushcraft books to read.
Merry Christmas.


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