Old Timer Bowie Knife Review

Schrade Old Timer Bowie Knife Review. The Schrade Old Timer Bowie knife is full tang, large knife, over 15“ long. In this knife review, I put it through its paces and field test it. I wanted a large Bowie knife where I could use it for duties like, helping with shelter building, delimbing branches, some carving, foraging and…

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Swiss Army Knife Walker Review

Knife Review - Swiss Army Knife Walker Model Pocket Knife. I was excited to field test and do a review on the Victorinox Walker Swiss Army Knife or a “SAK” for short. Besides doing the review, I wanted a small pocket knife for three main reasons. One was it was smaller enough to hang on my key ring…

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Warthog Knife Review

Ka-Bar Warthog, Fixed Blade Knife Review.The heavy duty Ka-Bar Warthog knife isn’t pretty, it is chunky and solid, very solid. I love using my tomahawk and kukri for chopping work. However, I wanted a tool a bit smaller lengthwise, but would still work reasonable enough on smaller to medium chopping tasks. Like delimbing branches, cutting down saplings for…

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Winchester Bowie Knife Review

Knife Review - Winchester 8.6in Double Barrel Bowie Knife.  The Winchester Double Barrel Bowie Knife is a large fixed blade knife, with the distinctive Bowie clip point. A wooden handle and stainless steel blade, over 14 inches in length, it is a big knife. I wanted to review a large chopper, but a tool smaller than a machete…

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